Interior Decorating

House Outfitting and Interior Decorating Services

Do you want to come to Costa Rica and be free to enjoy your vacation, rather than running around trying to find all the things that you need to furnish your house?

Do you know where to go for furniture, fabric, rugs, window coverings and so forth?

Too many choices, not enough time?

Do you struggle with the language?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could hire someone to buy everything you need for your house, selecting each piece so that it all comes together into an attractive, well-designed, coordinated home?

We can help you with your entire home, offering you creative ideas, time savings and experience in the country, to assist you with selection, purchase and placement of all items for your home in Costa Rica. We will work one-on-one with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

You pay for a package of hours, not by a percentage of the cost of the items, so you can be sure we are not motivated to select more expensive things in order to charge you more. Our fees are the same, whether yours is a high-end project or "shoe-string" one.

We work with different styles; whether traditional, opulent, layered, or contemporary, streamlined, minimalist, and everything in between!

We specialize in accessorizing, to make even a low budget project look unique, appealing and interesting.

The Process:

  1. Interview
    We work together to pinpoint your likes and dislikes, establish a style and a budget.

  2. Plan and Approval
    Once we have a plan for you, we will review it together and get your approval before we start making any purchases.

  3. Purchasing
    Based on the approved plan, we place orders and make purchases to provide you with a well appointed house, for your family’s comfort and that of your house guests. We will help you track down the perfect items for your space. We know where to find what, how to source things, and how to communicate with the locals so, that they understand your preferences.

  4. Installing and Placing
    Your furniture will be placed in the most attractive, functional arrangement for the space. We will see that your window treatments are installed. Art will be hung and accessories placed to complete the finishing touch. Our goal is for you to walk in and relax with a tropical cocktail!

Here are a few samples of custom interior designs from some of the local residences

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these premier Costa Rica properties. | Costa Rica: (506) 2416 4044 | Mobile: (506) 8725 7803