Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Services

Do you lack experience gardening in the tropics?

Do you feel intimidated designing a Spanish style garden?

Too many choices, not enough time?

Do you want help planning creative, beautiful gardens?

Would you like to get your trees and shrubs growing while you still live overseas?

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone take care of your gardens while you are away or while you sit down to read a good book?

Then let us be of service!

The Process:

  1. Interview
    Based on an interview, we pinpoint your likes, dislikes, establish the garden(s) you want, their styles, and a budget range.

  2. Plan and Approval
    Once we have a plan for you, we review it together and get your approval before we start subcontracting or purchasing on your behalf.

  3. Subcontracting and Building
    Based on the approved plan, we begin with the hardscaping elements, such as:

    • Patios, steps, walkways, paths, walls, fences, ballustrades, fountains, ponds, raised beds, etc.
    • Then build gazebos, pergolas, “ranchitos” and other outdoor structures.
    • Add lighting and irrigation systems.

  4. Purchasing, Installing, Planting
    Once the “bones” and structures are in place, we will select plants according to climate, soil requirements, light requirements, garden style, color, price range and so forth. We design and shape the flower beds, amend the soil and begin planting trees, shrubs, hedges, perennials; adding annuals and other potted plants. We finish off with the accessories to add interest and complete the style.

  5. Maintenance
    We can provide you with trained personnel to take care of your garden, keeping it at its best.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these premier Costa Rica properties. | Costa Rica: (506) 2416 4044 | Mobile: (506) 8725 7803